Road Trip Itineraries

A road trip in North American can be anything from a couple of hours to a long, leisurely cross-country drive. This North American Road Trip guide serves as a personal guide to exploring the towns, cities, and scenic routes in your backyard or across the country.

Follow the route visually by exploring the Google Maps navigation screen. You can also export the data into a .kml file for use on your smartphone). I’ve also tried to highlight the individual addresses so that if you click on it on a smartphone, it will load in your default navigation app. That way you have two options for getting to the next destination on your phone.

Can’t find the time to get away? Follow the trail via Google Street view and take a virtual vacation. We’ve all been there, such as taking a quick tour of the Colosseum and it’s surrounding areas just because. If not, join the team. It’s a great way to take a staycation. Seriously, it can also greatly improve your ability to not get lost when you eventually do take your trip.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

The Missouri Ozarks offer more than just a history lesson— bubbling springs, lush forests, high cliffs, caves, and rivers traverse the St. Francois Mountains. Want to plan a weekend trip? The Ozarks are a great getaway from either St. Louis or Kansas City. The only real difference is…