Visit a National or State Park, Lake, or Historical Attraction Today

Want to get away from traffic and smog? Immerse yourself by camping, hiking, or walking through national or state parks. Find wildlife in their natural setting and view constellations not visible at home. Take a digital detox by escaping to a place with little to no cell connectivity and focus on the basics. Hike up the trail to a stunning vista, write in a journal, or just sit back and relax with a good book.

Another great aspect of visiting a national or state park, lake, or historical attraction, is that many of these parks are free or at low-cost. It’s great for those on a budget. [The camping gear can be another story, but we’ll work on that.] Also, many states are also facing tightening budget crises; using these parks help keeps these places available to you (and wildlife) by signifying interest. Camping is fun but not a necessity. Even a walk through a nearby forest can help rejuvenate your mental and physical health. It’s also a great way to capture a great photo of a bird following you on your trail.

Ready to go exploring? Find your park today!

For more information, visit the National Park Service
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