Texas Destinations

Welcome to Texas — The Lone Star State

Looking for places to travel in Texas? From the gulf coast island of Galveston to the sprawling desert city of El Paso, Texas has multiple distinct ecological regions that make up the vast state. At its furthest points, Texas is 660 miles long and 790 miles from the uppermost part of the panhandle down to the Rio Grande. Outdoor adventurers can go from beachy landscapes to dense forest, craggy hills, lively deserts, and mountain vistas. The historic attractions of Texas are also vast; more than 13,000 state historical markers dot the state. Speaking of history lessons, the Lone Star State nickname is a reminder of its former status as an independent republic and for its struggle for independence from Mexico. Texas destinations include bustling cities, pine forests, desert vistas, and mountain caps. 

Capital: Austin
Largest City: Houston
Area: 268,597 square miles
Major Rivers: Brazos, Colorado, Neches, Pecos, Red, Rio Grande, Sabine, Trinity
Elevation: Sea level (Gulf Coast) to 8,749 ft at Guadalupe Peak
Bird: Mockingbird
Flower: Bluebonnet
Tree: Pecan
Motto: Friendship
Song: “Texas, Our Texas”
State Travel Site: Travel Texas