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Welcome to Nevada — The Silver State

When most people think of Nevada, they only think of vast deserts and red-tipped mountains. That’s mostly true, as it is the driest state in the union. However, the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada show a different side as they cup Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, surrounded by stands of ponderosa pine, pinon, and juniper. The human-made Lake Mead in southeastern Nevada is a 550-mile shoreline that is a massive oasis in the desert. A fantastic diversity of wildlife can still be found in the state that receives less than 10 inches per year. Follow up your exciting Las Vegas adventure with a trip to one of Nevada’s national and state parks or wilderness, such as the Jarbidge Wilderness, a 65,000-acre preserve. Nevada destinations include pristine wilderness, harsh deserts, lake oasis, and towering mountains.

Capital: Carson City
Largest City: Las Vegas
Area: 110,567 sq mi
Major Rivers: Colorado River, Humboldt River, Truckee River
Elevation: the Highest point is Boundary Peak at 13,143 to the lowest level at
Bird: Mountain Bluebird
Flower: Sagebrush
Tree: Single leaf Pinon and Bristlecone Pine
Motto: All for Our Country
Song: “Home Means Nevada”
Nickname:  The Silver State
State Travel Site: Travel Nevada

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