Welcome to Nebraska — The Cornhusker State

Nebraska can be defined by its clear skies, rolling hills, and prairie. However, don’t let that be deceiving as the eastern part of the state also contains forests that cross down to the Missouri River along the Lewis and Clark trail. Drive through Nebraska, and you will understand the origin of its nickname, the Cornhusker State. The primary vegetable that is raised there is corn and the husker comes from how it is harvested. The word Nebraska comes from the Oto Indian word for water; the Platte River that traverses this state from east to west helps its agricultural and wildlife culture thrive.

Capital: Lincoln
Largest City: Omaha
Area: 77,358 square miles
Major Rivers: Loup, Missouri, Niobrara, North Platte, Platte, South Platte
Elevation: 840 ft in Richardson County to 5,426 in Kimball County
Bird: Western meadowlark
Flower: Goldenrod
Tree: Cottonwood
Motto: Equality Before the Law
Song: “Beautiful Nebraska”