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Welcome to Louisiana — The Pelican State

Louisiana is a unique blend of food, culture, history, and wildlife. A land of endless marshes and swamps with towering bald cypresses veiled in Spanish moss. A culture shaped mainly by its French and Spanish past, with Cajuns and Creoles, Jambalaya and gumbo. Drift down one of Louisiana’s many lakes, bayous, lagoons, marshes, swamps, and the Mississippi River at its eastern border. Beyond the swamplands lay forests, cotton fields, and loblolly pine trees. Visit New Orleans, where multi-cultural festivals, musical jazz bands, and colorful architecture line the streets. Acadia, west of New Orleans, is a region of bayous filled with raised cottages and tall moss-draped bald cypresses. Marshland stretching to Texas hold wildlife refuges and choruses of croaking frogs and bellowing alligators. Louisiana destinations include vibrant cities, swamplands, and places full of historic charm.

Capital: Baton Rouge
Largest City: New Orleans
Area: 47, 752 sq. mi.
Major Rivers: Atchafalaya, Mississippi, Ouachita, Red
Elevation: 535 ft at Driskill Mountain down to 8 ft below sea level in New Orleans
Bird: Brown Pelican
Flower: Magnolia
Tree: Bald Cypress
Motto: Union, Justice, Confidence
Song: “Give Me Louisiana”
Nickname: The Pelican State, Child of the Mississippi
State Travel Site: Louisiana Travel

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