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Welcome to Colorado — The Rocky Mountain State

Colorado is known for its towering peaks and stunning mountain vistas. From Denver’s mile-high city with its towering trees to Grand Junction’s western desert terrain with its red-peaked buttes. The tallest sand dunes in North American, up to 750 feet, can be found in the Rockies in south-central Colorado at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Natural hot springs spring abundantly throughout all four corners of Colorado. Ghost towns and abandoned gold mining towns can be found scattered throughout the mountainous terrain.  Abundant rivers and plentiful forests allow for whitewater adventures, hiking, camping, and all types of outdoor activities. This summer, explore eye-catching geological Colorado destinations in the Rocky Mountain State.

Capital: Denver
Largest City: Denver
Area: 104,185 sq mi
Major Rivers: Arkansas, Colorado, Rio Grande, South Platte
Elevation: 14,433 ft at Mt. Ebert to the lowest point at 3,350 at the Arkansas River
Bird: Lark Bunting
Flower: Blue Columbine
Tree: Blue Spruce
Motto: Nil Sine Numine (Nothing Without Providence)
Song: “Where the Columbines Grow”
Nickname:  Rocky Mountain State, Centennial State, Highest State, Switzerland of America
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Winter’s (almost) over. Although there’s a small chance of a stray snowstorm or two in the Colorado Rockies, now’s the perfect time to plan your summer getaway to the myriad of music festivals held throughout the summer. Denver’s City Jazz Park produces 10 free jazz concerts each summer…

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