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Welcome to California — The Golden State

California is a land of extremes. Mist-covered redwoods more than 350 feet tall dot the northern landscape and vineyards and farmland dot the Napa and Sonoma valleys. To the south lay famous sandy beaches on the West coast with enormous desert vistas less than a two hour- drive to the east. From the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu to the Sierra Nevada, a 400-mile north-to-south mountain range that forms the state’s towering spine. Visitors flock every year to the 760-mile coastline that consists of jagged cliffs in the northern and central part of the state to the popular sandy beaches of Southern California. California destinations range from forests to deserts, international cities to vibrant wine communities. Find travel itineraries in California and discover why the state is called The Golden State.

Capital: Sacramento
Largest City: Los Angeles
Area: 158,706 sq mi
Major Rivers: Klamath, Sacramento, San Joaquin
Elevation: 14,494 ft at Mt. Whitney to 282 ft below sea level in Death Valley
Bird: California Valley Quail
Flower: California Poppy
Tree: California Redwood
Motto: Eureka! (I have found it!)
Song: “I love you, California!”
Nickname: The Golden State
State Travel Site: Visit California

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