Gifford Woods State Park, Killington, Vermont 3-year-old Dori Marie and her mom, Wimpy at the Endangered Ark Foundation Find
WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Find what’s on the backroads, main roads, and highways. Discover new adventures while writing your next blog or novel on a notepad next to a majestic cliffside. GET INSPIRED
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GET OUTDOORS. FIND A PARK, LAKE OR ATTRACTION NEAR YOU Immerse yourself by camping, hiking, or walking through national or state parks. Find wildlife in their natural setting and view constellations not visible at home. Hike up the trail to a stunning vista, write in a journal, or just sit back and relax with a good book. Find my State's National or Local Parks
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DOWNLOAD ROAD TRIP IDEAS ACROSS NORTH AMERICA. A road trip in North American can be anything from a couple of hours to a long, leisurely cross-country drive. This North American Road Trip guide serves as a personal guide to exploring the towns, cities, and scenic routes in your backyard or across the country. Find Guides
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Writers and artists are inspired by the world around them. The sound of a burbling stream. The view of wildlife playing in the distance. The power of a roaring waterfall. Travel Artsy is a travel blog dedicated to finding inspiration in nature. Discovering new adventures locally, one national park, state park, or historical site at a time.

Find what’s on the backroads, main roads, and highways. Write your next blog or novel next to a majestic cliffside or beach. Beat writer’s block (or creative block) by going on a hike in the rain. Take a picture of the local wildlife. Find new museums in towns yet undiscovered.

Life is short. Dream big. Get lost once in a while. Travel and be artsy.


From prairie grass to towering peaks, where will you end up?

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